Footwear from natural sheep’s wool


Properties of a wool

Slippers keep the heat, well carried, keeps the form, absorb moisture, and do not let it close in skin, stimulate biologically active points of foot.

The source of these remarkable fabrics – is the wool of domestic sheep. This cover, so as a yarn got from it, calls as a wool.

What useful properties for health has the wool?

The unique property of a wool  and it’s products is an ability to absorb moisture ( to 33% of its own weight) and to diffuse it easily. Absorbing moisture a wool allocates heat, improving thereby blood circulation. Feet always remain dry and warm. Factor of heat conductivity of a wool more lower, than at many textile filaments.

The wool is air-penetrable: It has millions air bubbles that relieves oxygen access to a skin of the person between fibers, and promotes to avoid a hotbed effect and warns occurrence of catarrhal diseases, keeping inside salutary heat.

The wool contains our body in warm: It warms up feet by dry heat, calms a pain, creates comfort atmosphere.

The wool reduces stress: the wool’s energy is similar to mother’s energy, carries calming effect.

The wool was valued at all times for it’s curative properties. In old time it helps people to get rid from toothache and a headache, wrapping a head around with a woollen kerchief.

Under normal conditions the wool weakly electrified and also does not keep dust particles. Despite a scaly structure and natural curliness, the wool is related to smooth filament. It allows the wool to possess property of remaining clean for a long time.

The age of a wool is estimated in the milleniums, but nevertheless, today it is especially in a fashion. Our slippers are intended for the people, aspiring to provide themselves with an ecologically non-polluting material.


Properties of a natural wool

Properties of the wool are unique. The wool treats: the natural wool possesses anaesthetic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties. The wool contains lanolin which is useful for health and a fine natural antiseptic .


What is the LANOLIN and why it is so important to keep its properties at wool machining?

Wool filaments, being skin formation, present itself the horny cells of an external layer. The sebaceous glands located in a skin around a root of hair, work out woollen fat insoluble in water which greases strands of wool, protecting them from mechanical and atmospheric influences.

Lanolin contained in woollen fibres does much for improving process in our body constitution.


Lanolin gets into our skin and does it more elastic. Possessing properties of unique animal wax, it effectively feeds and softens a skin at any age.

In the same way Lanolin protects the wool against contamination.


Alive heat for your feet!

Carry on barefooted, periodically dry it on the radiator!

Slippers from a natural wool are comfortable in a heat and  protect you well from a cold.


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